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Sep 28, 2023

Navigating the Real Estate Customer Service Maze: It's all about the people you deal with!

In the world of customer service, the real estate industry stands out as a unique and challenging arena – it has one of the highest turnovers of any industry in Australia. It's a field where emotions often run high, expectations are diverse, and transactions involve significant life decisions. To excel in this industry, professionals must recognise that the key to success lies in the people they interact with, whether it's clients, colleagues, or even the occasional difficult customer. One crucial lesson I've learned is that in real estate, as in life, you should surround yourself with good people. If someone treats you with respect and collaboration, you bend over backwards for them and ensure they are a client for life. On the flip side, if someone approaches interactions with hostility or negativity, let them be someone else’s problem – chances are they’ll end up with the real estate agent they deserve anyway… if you know what I mean .. haha! Building strong relationships in the real estate industry is invaluable. Connecting with great people, both clients and colleagues, can make all the difference in your career. When faced with a challenging customer who demands to be taken off your list or refuses further communication, just do it – and don’t look back. Focus on investing your time in the people who want and appreciate your help. There is an old saying, “Leopards don’t change their spots” and trust me, someone who is not nice to you (or anyone for that matter) is not worth your time (unless it’s to help a client) and won’t change unless they want something from you, and then they’ll go back to treating you the same way they did before. In essence, success in the real estate customer service industry is a reflection of the quality of relationships you build. The best professionals understand that by fostering positive connections and treating others with professionalism and empathy, they create a ripple effect of goodwill that can transform even the toughest of customer interactions into valuable learning experiences. So, remember, in real estate, it's all about the people – the clients you serve and the colleagues you collaborate with – and the effort you invest in these relationships can make your journey in the industry truly remarkable. If you’re a real estate professional who is sick of negative interactions, seeks more positive relationships and believes the industry can be better, then give me a call,  I’d love to talk about what that journey looks like for you. Cheers, Henry