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About Us

In 2019, Hodge Estate Agents was founded by Henry Hodge where he was joined by long-time ally Kosta Porfyriou, both driven by a vision to challenge the status quo of the real estate industry. Henry's experience in software engineering and Kosta’s experience in carpentry served as the catalyst for change, leading to the creation of a boutique real estate agency that thrives on innovation, personalised service, and exceptional value.

Our journey began with a realisation that the prevailing big-brand model was lacking in value and genuine innovation for us and the consumer. The idea of surrendering a significant portion of our income for minimal in return no longer seemed logical. Moreover, the industry's reliance on dated strategies and basic technology, despite branding themselves as innovators, urged us to bring a fresh perspective to the field where we did not repeat the wrongs.

Hodge Estate Agents is the embodiment of what happens when technology and craftsmanship unite to create an agency that is responsive to the unique needs of our clients. Our commitment to competitive fees, outstanding results, and a more personalised experience sets us apart from the cookie-cutter approach that has become all too common. At the core of Hodge Estate Agents are four unyielding pillars that guide our every action: customer service, value for all, technology, and humility.

Our inspiration stems from a newspaper clipping dating back to 1991, where a "much loved, local real estate agent" was celebrated. This snippet ignited our quest to unravel the changes that transpired over the years and to reinvent the industry with renewed integrity. Through unwavering dedication to our principles, Hodge Estate Agents has evolved into a brand synonymous with integrity, hard work, and exceptional outcomes in sales and property management.

We are discerning in selecting both our team members and the clients we serve, refusing to compromise on quality for the sake of quantity. Our focus lies in delivering unparalleled service and results that leave a lasting impact. Listing your property with Hodge Estate Agents translates to partnering with a team that is dedicated to achieving the optimal outcome, whether it be in sales or property management.

Our commitment extends beyond transactions; it encompasses fostering relationships built on trust and transparency. Our mission is to redefine real estate by transforming it into an experience that transcends transactional exchanges. We aim to establish lasting connections with our clients, guiding them through their real estate journeys with integrity and expertise. Our dedication to innovation is evidenced in our embrace of technology, enabling us to enhance every facet of the client experience.

In the intricate tapestry of Brisbane's inner city, Hodge Estate Agents stands as a beacon of excellence, driven by our unwavering commitment to integrity, innovation, and service. We are not merely agents; we are catalysts for positive change in an industry that deserves better. We pledge to continue setting new standards, reinventing the ordinary, and elevating real estate to its highest potential.

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